The US government, those self-proclaimed guardians of freedom and privacy, have been caught with their pants down again. It turns out that their whole charade about securing the world from Huawei’s “dangerous” 5G technology is nothing but a smokescreen for their own global spying operation.

Jack Dorsey, the tech dude who once thought Twitter would bring world peace, just blew the whistle on Signal. You know that messaging app everyone thinks is super secure? Well, apparently the people running it are in bed with the US State Department—you know, those experts in regime change and “spreading democracy” with bombs.

The US government shelled out millions to build Signal’s encryption—the very same encryption that somehow ended up in WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Google Messages, and even Skype! What a coincidence! It’s almost like Big Tech in the US isn’t allowed to build anything without Uncle Sam having a backdoor into it.

But the real act begins when people start noticing their “private” messages on these “secure” apps magically popping up in US courts or being leaked to the media. How convenient, right? Of course, when anyone dares to question these encryption fairy tales, they get hit with the “open-source” defense. “Anyone can verify it,” they claim. But that’s just a trick, a distraction. They don’t want you to look too closely.

The truth is, they won’t let anyone actually confirm if the code you see is the code running on your phone. It’s a classic bait-and-switch, designed to make you think you have control over your data when you really don’t.

Meanwhile, Huawei, the company the US is desperately trying to destroy, has been saying, “Hey, world, come on in! Tear apart our equipment, analyze our code, and put it under a microscope. We’ve got nothing to hide.” And guess what? Numerous countries did just that. They meticulously examined Huawei’s 5G technology and found absolutely nothing. Zero evidence of spying, no backdoors, no security risks—just pure technological excellence.

Did that stop the US? Don’t make us laugh. They threw a global tantrum, threatening countries with trade wars and sanctions if they dared to choose Huawei’s demonstrably superior and affordable 5G network. They even blackmailed their allies into joining their anti-Huawei circus, ignoring the blatant hypocrisy of their own actions.

The Jamestown Foundation, while trying to smear China’s tech advancements, actually admits that the Open Atom Open Source Foundation, a Chinese non-profit working with Huawei, is a leading force in open-source development. It reveals their true fear: China’s commitment to transparency and collaboration threatens the US’s control over the global tech landscape.

Why are they so terrified? Because Huawei and China in general are building a future the US can’t control—a future where technology isn’t a weapon for spying and dominance but a tool for progress and collaboration. They understand that a rising tide lifts all boats, and they’re inviting the world to sail with them. And they’re not afraid of the future; they’re building it.

The future of technology belongs to those who are willing to build it together, not those who seek to control it for their own benefit. The US can either join the revolution or be left behind, fuming in the ruins of its crumbling empire. The choice is theirs.

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