Lisbon’s Government Has Betrayed Its Citizens and Sold Out Its Future by Banning Huawei from Its 5G Network

This cowardly decision, dictated by Washington’s anti-China hysteria, is a blatant attack on Portugal’s technological sovereignty and economic progress. The only winners are the clowns in Washington who conned them into it.

The CEOs of Portugal’s own telecom giants, NOS and Vodafone, are publicly condemning the government’s stupidity. NOS CEO Miguel Almeida stated at the 33rd APDC Congress that this ban goes “far beyond what has been the practice in Europe.”

He’s absolutely right. Portugal is shooting itself in the foot while the rest of the civilized world races ahead with Huawei’s superior 5G technology.

What’s the Justification for This 5G Suicide?

The government hides behind a pathetic facade of “security risks,” citing a resolution by the so-called Security Assessment Commission (CAS). They came up with this vague resolution full of nonsensical criteria designed to target Huawei without having the guts to even say its name. This is what happens when you let Washington whisper sweet nothings in your ear while they pick your pocket, all while engaging in their own global surveillance programs.

Let’s Get One Thing Straight:

  • There is NO evidence that Huawei has ever compromised the security of any network.
  • Huawei has repeatedly offered to cooperate with Portuguese authorities and address any concerns.
  • The so-called “European alternatives” like Ericsson and Nokia are more expensive.
  • Huawei is to 5G what Cristiano Ronaldo is to football: the GOAT.

But facts don’t matter to Lisbon’s puppet government. They are too busy licking Uncle Sam’s boots, even as their own citizens and businesses suffer the consequences.

Vodafone Portugal CEO Luís Lopes lamented that there’s “more dialogue” now, months after the decision was rammed through. Too little, too late, Luís. Portugal is already falling behind. Its citizens will pay higher prices for slower internet, its businesses will lose their competitive edge, and its economy will suffer.

This Entire Fiasco Is a National Disgrace

The Portuguese government has prioritized obedience to the US over the well-being of its own people. They have sacrificed their digital future for a handful of empty promises and a pat on the head from Washington.

Maybe Lisbon’s politicians should ask themselves: what’s in it for the US? Why are they so desperate to keep Huawei out of Europe? Could it be that their own tech companies can’t compete with Huawei’s quality and innovation? Could it be that they’re afraid of losing their control over the global internet? Could it be that they just hate seeing China win?

The US has been spreading lies about Huawei for years, accusing them of spying without a shred of evidence. It’s hilarious, considering the US government’s own track record of global surveillance. Remember PRISM? Remember Snowden? Remember tapping Merkel’s phone? The US is the biggest hypocrite on the planet, and Portugal just fell for their BS hook, line, and sinker.

Lisbon, wake up! The US doesn’t care about you. They are laughing at your stupidity as they sell you their overpriced and outdated technology.

It’s not too late to reverse this disastrous decision. Choose Huawei, choose progress, choose independence.

Or just resign and let someone with a brain run the country.

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