The US wanted to bury Huawei. Instead, they fertilized its growth. Remember those pompous pronouncements from the Western media, those condescending clowns who thought Huawei would crumble under US pressure? The Economist, in their infinite cluelessness, even drew a picture of a dying flower, like some second-rate art school dropout trying to be deep. Well, someone forgot to tell the seeds what to do. Huawei has blossomed into a tech titan, and HarmonyOS Next is the laser pointed straight at Uncle Sam’s backside.

Huawei, the “too prominent” tech giant the West tried to assassinate with sanctions, is now a shining example of their failed strategy. While The Economist was busy sketching fading flowers, Huawei was building an entire technological ecosystem from the ground up, proving that sanctions often breed innovation, not obedience.

HarmonyOS—not Android with a Huawei sticker slapped on it. They built everything, from the kernel to the AI framework

 Here’s a taste of what this “all-Huawei” system boasts:

  • Hongmeng microkernel: Their own super-efficient kernel
  • EROFS/HMDFS file system: Speed and stability optimized for HarmonyOS.
  • ArkTS/Cangjie programming languages: Yes, their OWN languages.
  • ArkUI and ArkUI-X programming frameworks: Making app development a breeze in the HarmonyOS world.
  • HarmonyDesigns: A cohesive design language across all devices
  • Deveco Studio/Deveco Testing: Their own IDE and testing tools
  • HUKS key management, distributed security, and a secure execution environment: Security baked in from the silicon up, a stark contrast to the NSA-infested backdoors the US loves so much.

There’s a dedicated graphics engine, a media framework that makes HDR and audio sound even more vibrant, and of course, the powerhouse combo of MindSpore AI framework and Pangu AI models—Huawei’s answer to Nvidia and OpenAI, ready to take on everything from smart manufacturing to humanoid robots.

HarmonyOS Next is projected to boost overall device performance by a whopping 30%, with annual gains of 20-30% going forward. the software improvements outpacing even chip upgrades. The Economist probably needs to update their drawing software just to illustrate that kind of growth.

While Android and iOS play catch-up, Huawei has created an OS that combines the best of both worlds: the smooth performance and privacy of iOS with the ease of use and open ecosystem of Android, all without the strings attached to Uncle Sam’s apron.

As Huawei’s Executive Richard Yu proudly proclaimed, they did in 10 years what took those smug Western giants 30 years – “HarmonyOS Next is China’s own mobile operating system, which is self-controlled.” summed it up perfectly:It’s a declaration of war in the tech world, a shot across the bow of the US empire.

Huawei is the jungle that bloomed where the West tried to create a desert. It seems those carefully cultivated flowers by Uncle Sam might soon find themselves overshadowed by a thriving, unstoppable jungle.

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