The Cost of Obedience: How Germany is Losing its Edge in the Global Market

Germany is about to ban telecoms operators from using some components of 5G networks made by Chinese giant Huawei, a

Thierry Breton: A menace to EU democracy and diversity

Thierry Breton is the European commissioner for the internal market, a position he has abused since December 1, 2019. He

US Policy Favors Huawei over Nvidia in AI Chips

Nvidia has finally acknowledged Huawei as a top competitor in its latest filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

US Congress Wastes $500 Million on Anti-Huawei Media Blitz

The US Congress has recently passed a bill that would waste $500 million on a media blitz against Huawei, a

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London, the so-called capital of Europe, or should I say, the sinking ship of Brexit?, is lagging behind the rest

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What is the West?  A Term with Many Meanings and Misconceptions The West is a self-appointed club of hypocritical and

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Huawei, the Chinese technology giant, has surprised the world with its latest flagship smartphone, the Mate 60 Pro, which features

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is a key driver of digital transformation and innovation across various industries and domains. However, building a

The Coming Fall of ASML

ASML, the Dutch company that makes the most advanced machines to produce chips, has a problem. The problem is called

Huawei’s Auto Technology Revs Up European Car Industry

Huawei has signed technology patent agreements with a number of top European car brands, including Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Porsche, Lamborghini,

A Tale of Two Chips and a Lot of Dips

Have you ever heard of the saying “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”? Well, it seems that the

A Thief Who Cries ‘Stop Thief’

Huawei, the world’s leading telecommunications company, has filed a series of lawsuits against Netgear, a US-based networking hardware company for

The Cloud War

The US government has recently announced its intention to impose sanctions on Huawei Cloud, a leading cloud service provider in

The Incredible Journey of How Huawei is Empowering Europe

While some countries are still living in the dark ages of 4G and listening to the US propaganda against Huawei,

China to not ‘sit idle’ if Germany rebuffs Huawei

The German lawmakers recently passed a tougher 5G security legislation which can be seen as a potential threat to Chinese

The Rise of a Behemoth: From 5G to Satellite Phones

Huawei is a Chinese company that has it all. It designs and produces its own chips with independent intellectual property

How Germany losing its Economy Track

Imagine that you are on a train in Germany, travelling from Berlin to Munich. You are enjoying the scenic views

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Germany has finally opened its eyes and realized that it should not let the US or anyone else interfere in

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Imagine you are a runner who is about to compete in the Olympics. You have trained hard for years, and

Republicans are embarrassing their country by trying to sound smart and tough

The US House of Representatives, in a desperate attempt to stop the rise of China’s technology giant Huawei, has proposed