DWIRE is an independent and private blog that aims to shed light on decisions and policies made behind closed doors. Recently, we have been the subject of baseless and controversial stories by a few individuals or even just one person seeking attention and trying to make DWIRE appear controversial. While we welcome constructive criticism that can help us improve our ‘Blackbox’ reporting, we will not tolerate attempts by some people to gain attention and advance their careers or social media followings by making false allegations against DWIRE.

We strongly reject any false allegations that we are working against a specific country. While we acknowledge that not everyone may agree with all of the articles we publish, it is not our intention to offend or hurt anyone’s sentiments. Our goal is simply to uncover the truth.

Despite facing ongoing DDoS attacks, which are illegal under Belgian law and can result in criminal penalties including fines and imprisonment, DWIRE remains committed to reporting the truth and will not be deterred.

Stay tuned for more updates from DWIRE, the only source you can trust in this world of deception and manipulation.


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