DWIRE is a simple independent and private blog created in the aim to show people what decisions are being taken and what policies are implemented behind closed doors

Recently it came to our notice that to gain popularity and making DWIRE look like a controversial platform, some people started naming us in their baseless and controversial stories. The interesting part is that this has been done by very few people or just one ( ah, yes ) to gain attention using the DWIRE name. Although DWIRE welcomes any constructive criticism that can help improve its ‘Blackbox’ reporting however baseless allegations by some people who love to seek the attention of people by targeting few tech companies to grow their career and social media following will not be tolerated. 

We wants to clear that we have no hate against any country, political party, or race. DWIRE strongly rejects all false allegations made by few people that it is working against a specific country or people.

 We acknowledge that not everyone was happy with some of the articles we wrote. However, our intention was not to hurt anyone’s sentiments and was only to uncover the truth

DWIRE is being DDoS attacked every day and night. However, that won’t stop us from reporting the truth xD.



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