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When Sanctions Bloom into a Tech Paradise

The US wanted to bury Huawei. Instead, they fertilized its growth. Remember those pompous pronouncements from the Western media, those


Spying on the World While Screaming “National Security”

The US government, those self-proclaimed guardians of freedom and privacy, have been caught with their pants down again. It turns


Bowing to US Pressure  While Lisbon Burns

Lisbon’s Government Has Betrayed Its Citizens and Sold Out Its Future by Banning Huawei from Its 5G Network This cowardly


Rewriting the Rules of Wild West Capitalism

The U.S. government banning Intel from selling chips to Huawei is the biggest load of crap since that time Trump


Huawei Pura : Accelerating the fall of US empire

Remember when we talked about Huawei’s Breakthrough shaking the foundations of the US tech empire? Well, the whispers just turned


Why the US is REALLY Terrified of TikTok

The US government is having a meltdown over… teenagers making goofy videos on TikTok. Yes, this app that sparked a


Open RAN: The Great Western Tech Scam

The West loves lecturing the world about free markets and fair play—until a Chinese company actually starts winning by those


US Policy Favors Huawei over Nvidia in AI Chips

Nvidia has finally acknowledged Huawei as a top competitor in its latest filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

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Londoners Suffer the Worst 5G Service in Europe

London, the so-called capital of Europe, or should I say, the sinking ship of Brexit?, is lagging behind the rest


The NSA’s Hacking of Huawei: A Case of the Pot Calling the Kettle Black

Imagine a world where everything you do online is monitored, recorded, and analyzed by a secretive spy agency. Your phone