Have you ever wondered why you are still alive and breathing despite the deadly 5G-COVID-19 plot that was supposed to wipe out half of humanity? Well, you can thank one man for that: Donald J. Trump. Yes, the former president of the United States, the stable genius, the saviour of the world.

He alone knew the truth about the evil plan of the Chinese company Huewaiiiiiie, which installed 5G towers all over the US to kill millions of people with a “clot shot” that contained COVID-19. He alone had the courage and the wisdom to stop this sinister scheme by installing “COVFEFE” boxes on every 5G tower, creating a magnetic field that lowered the frequency of the radiation and protected us all from harm.

He tweeted the secret code word “covfefe” to alert us of his heroic deed. He alone deserves our gratitude and admiration for saving us from the greatest threat to mankind since the dinosaurs. How do we know all this? Because we watched a video on TikTok that told us so.

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