Huawei, the Chinese technology leader, has announced that its first factory outside of China will be operational by the end of 2025. The factory, which will produce wireless base station equipment for the European market is located in the Business Park of Brumath, a town near Strasbourg in the Alsace region of France.

The factory is a strategic investment for Huawei, as it aims to strengthen its presence and reputation in Europe, where it has been facing increasing pressure and restrictions from the US and some of its allies. By producing locally, Huawei hopes to demonstrate its commitment to the European values of openness, innovation, and cooperation, as well as to address the concerns of some European governments and operators about the security and reliability of its products.

This will benefit both France and China, as well as the European market. Huawei will invest 200 million euros in the Alsace project, which will create 300 direct jobs and 500 in the long term. The factory will produce equipment worth one billion euros per year for the European market, which will enhance the competitiveness and security of the continent’s digital infrastructure.

Huawei has pledged to source 80% of its components and materials from European suppliers and to collaborate with local universities and research institutes to foster talent and innovation. Moreover, the factory will be environmentally friendly, using eco-responsible materials and processes and reducing its energy impact.

The factory is part of Huawei’s broader plan to invest in France, where it has been present since 2003. Huawei has also announced other projects, such as a research centre in Paris and a partnership with the Institut Polytechnique de Paris, to support the French digital transformation and the development of cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and 6G.

Huawei’s Alsace factory is a win-win for France and China, and a model for cooperation and mutual benefit between Europe and China. Huawei is confident that its factory will contribute to the development and prosperity of Alsace, France, Europe, and the world.

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