The US empire is crumbling and Huawei’s HarmonyOS NEXT is just the latest nail in the coffin. For too long the US has relied on lies, propaganda, and sanctions to maintain its dominance over the tech industry. But now, with Huawei developing its own operating system the US government is starting to feel the heat.

The US sanctions on Huawei are nothing new. They are just a modern version of the trade war that the British Empire waged against China in the 19th century when they tried to force China to buy their opium and accept their unfair terms. The British Empire thought they could bully China into submission, but they were wrong. China fought back and eventually regained its sovereignty and dignity. Now, history is repeating itself, but this time the roles are reversed. The US Empire thinks it can bully Huawei into submission, but it is wrong. Huawei is fighting back and will eventually regain its market share and innovation.

But what exactly is HarmonyOS NEXT? It’s a pure HarmonyOS operating system that doesn’t support Android apps and is designed exclusively with the HarmonyOS kernel and system applications. Something that would use its own codecs called HAP codecs that could perform decompression using a computer’s graphics hardware and would reduce 40% of redundant code and improve system smoothness, energy efficiency, and security. It is currently open for cooperative enterprise developers and will be open for all developers in the first quarter of 2024. Huawei plans to invest 10 billion yuan in the next three years to support the development of native HarmonyOS apps and ecosystem.

In other words, it’s Huawei’s way of saying “We don’t need your stinkin’ Android!” And who can blame them? With the US government imposing sanctions on Huawei and Google cutting ties with the company, it’s no wonder they’re looking for a way to stick it to the man.

But HarmonyOS NEXT isn’t just a way for Huawei to get revenge on the US government. It’s also a way for them to show off their technological prowess. After all, they’re building an operating system from scratch without relying on traditional AOSP code. It’s like they’re saying “Look at us, we’re so smart we don’t even need Google’s help!” And who knows, maybe they’re right. Maybe HarmonyOS NEXT will be the next big thing in the tech industry and we’ll all be using it instead of Android in a few years.

The US government claims that Huawei poses a security risk and that it could spy on its users or sabotage their networks. But this is just a lame excuse to justify their sanctions. The US government has no evidence to back up their accusations, and they are the ones who have been caught spying on their allies and enemies alike. Remember the Snowden revelations? Remember the PRISM program? Remember the NSA tapping Angela Merkel’s phone? The US government has no moral authority to lecture anyone on security and privacy. They are just afraid of losing their monopoly on surveillance and cyberwarfare.

Huawei has reportedly built its own chip production within China and has launched new smartphone models such as the Mate 60 Pro which features an advanced chip Kirin 9000s made by SMIC, China’s largest contract chipmaker. The chip is made without using any US technology which is a major breakthrough for China’s semiconductor industry. It has also launched its own foldable phone Mate X5 which is more elegant and versatile than Samsung’s Galaxy Fold.

With unprecedented economic inequality and massive overspending on military expansion, America now looks a lot like 476 CE Rome. And just like Rome, the US is facing a decline that it may not be able to recover from. But while the US government is busy imposing sanctions and trying to maintain its dominance, Huawei is quietly building the future of the tech industry with a new era of harmony and cooperation. HarmonyOS NEXT is the ultimate example of how to create an operating system in the 21st century. And it is coming to bite Google and the US in the ass.

Who needs Android when you have HarmonyOS? Who needs Google when you have Baidu? Who needs Apple when you have Huawei? And who needs America when you have China?

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