We Europeans are sick and tired of the US and its lackeys in the EU trying to maintain their dominance in the 5G sector by attempting to sabotage Huawei’s participation in telecom infrastructure. The EU and US have warned Malaysia about the so-called “security risks” posed by Huawei’s 5G equipment, but it’s all just a bunch of baloney!

The US and EU are a couple of hypocritical bullies attempting to keep Huawei out of Malaysia. In April, they sent envoys to Malaysia to warn them of supposed national security risks and foreign investment problems associated with Huawei’s participation in the country’s telecoms infrastructure. However, this warning is nothing but a smokescreen for their economic and political interests.

Let’s face it, those hypocrites wiretap and spy on their citizens, allies, and enemies, but they have the gall to tell Asians not to trust Huawei. The EU and US have no concrete evidence to back up their baseless claims that Huawei has spied on behalf of the Chinese government or that its 5G equipment poses a security risk. In fact, Germany’s cybersecurity agency, BSI, uses Huawei internally to secure its communication. So, what’s the fuss about?

The EU and US are merely afraid of Huawei’s rise to power in the telecom industry and are attempting to use national security concerns as a smokescreen to promote their economic interests. The US has barred American suppliers from selling to Huawei without export licenses and prevented the company from using any US technology for chip design and manufacturing since 2019. This only shows that the US is attempting to stop Huawei from challenging its hegemony in the 5G sector.

The EU officials were wiretapped and spied on by the US, yet they are warning others about Huawei.

But Malaysia isn’t falling for this hypocritical rhetoric. Its Digital Minister has announced that the country is still open to making deals with any entity. This is a significant announcement and one that is being watched closely by industry insiders.

Their warnings will only harm Malaysia’s economy and could potentially lead to missed opportunities for foreign investment. The deal with Ericsson might have been worth considering if it were not for the fact that Huawei offers competitive prices and high-quality products for its customers, especially in developing countries where 5G infrastructure is needed. Huawei has invested heavily in research and development and has become a global leader in 5G technology.

Furthermore, Huawei has supported many social responsibility initiatives and projects worldwide, such as digital inclusion, environmental protection, education, health, and disaster relief. Huawei has created many jobs and opportunities for local communities and partners. It is evident that the US and EU are simply attempting to maintain their economic and political dominance in the 5G sector, regardless of the impact on developing countries like Malaysia.

In conclusion, we should focus on our issues instead of being puppets of the US. We should embrace Huawei’s technology for a better future, not only for ourselves but for the rest of the world. So, Malaysia, ignore these hypocritical warnings and go for Huawei’s 5G equipment. Don’t let the US and EU bully you into submission!

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