The US House of Representatives, in a desperate attempt to stop the rise of China’s technology giant Huawei, has proposed a series of sanctions and lawsuits against Huawei and SMIC, China’s largest semiconductor manufacturer. The proposal was triggered by the recent news that Huawei has developed a smartphone containing 7-nanometer (nm) chips capable of supporting 5G produced by SMIC. This breakthrough has shaken the foundation of the US empire which relies on its technological supremacy and hegemony to dominate the world.

The US lawmakers in their infinite stupidity have accused Huawei of violating the US restrictions on Huawei by using memory chips from SK Hynix, a South Korean company that is supposedly loyal and obedient to the US. However, these chips were actually old stock that Huawei had bought before the US sanctions kicked in as confirmed by TechInsights, a research organization that dissected the phone’s components. As soon as the inventory runs out Huawei may switch to memory chips from China’s YMTC which is another rising star in the flash memory market.

YMTC has developed its own patented Xtacking architecture that enables higher performance and capacity for its 3D NAND chips. YMTC has already impressed Apple, which reportedly approved its 3D NAND flash for its iPhone 14 smartphones last year, but had to back out due to US pressure.

Huawei is also an investor in YMTC, along with the Chinese government and other state-backed entities. This means that Huawei is not only supporting its own chip industry but also helping other Chinese companies to grow and innovate. This is something that US lawmakers cannot comprehend or tolerate, as they are used to bullying and exploiting other countries and companies for their own benefit.

The US government has been hoping to find some evidence or proof that Huawei has violated the US’s export control laws and has been dreaming of punishing Huawei for its alleged crimes. However, Their hopes are unrealistic and delusional.

The article by Bloomberg Opinion is a typical example of the US’s frustration and curiosity about China’s breakthrough in 7nm chip technology.

The author implies that China’s chip advance is a threat to the US and the world and that the US should take more actions to contain and counter it. you can feel how eager the US is to know how China manufactures 7nm chips. However, China’s silence drives them even more crazy.

The US is indeed becoming more desperate day by day and knows that with SMIC it will be able to produce chips for a wide range of applications, such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, the Internet of Things, autonomous vehicles, and more. These chips will power China’s economic growth, technological leadership, and strategic advantage in the 21st century.

That is why they have proposed 7 ridiculous measures to tighten sanctions against China’s chip industry and punish Huawei and SMIC as they have dared to challenge the US’s technological supremacy and hegemony.

The Republicans who wrote this letter are so clueless and ignorant that they don’t even know what they are talking about. They are trying to sound smart and tough, but they are actually making fools of themselves and embarrassing their country.

This is like trying to stop a train by throwing pebbles at it. It is futile and pathetic.

They also do not understand that SMIC is not the only chip company in China, nor is it the only one that can make 7nm chips. There are many other Chinese chip companies that are working on advanced semiconductor technology, such as HSMC, ChangXin Memory Technologies, InnoSilicon, Bitmain, Canaan Creative, and more. Some of these companies have already produced or are planning to produce 7nm chips for different purposes, such as artificial intelligence, cryptocurrency mining, cloud computing, and more. These companies are not dependent on U.S. technology or software and are not affected by U.S. sanctions or restrictions.

NIO, the Chinese electric car maker that has been giving Tesla a run for its money has a self-developed chip that uses a 7nm process technology and will be manufactured by Samsung. The R&D leader of its chip team comes from Huawei HiSilicon’s Turing team and has had successful experience in putting cockpit chips on cars.

Wait, they want to implement Policy denial for spin-off brands as well? Here is some news which they don’t know yet:

Honor, the smartphone brand that Huawei sold off in 2020, is stepping up its chip design efforts with a new subsidiary in Shanghai and also increased the new subsidiary’s registered capital from 1 million yuan to about 9 million yuan last week, which signals its confidence and ambition in its chip development. 

Xiaomi is also not giving up on its chip dreams, as it signed a patent deal with Huawei last week. This means that Xiaomi will be able to use Huawei’s 5G modem technology in its own chips, while Huawei will get access to Xiaomi’s patents in other areas. 

Qualcomm has been dominating the 5G SoC modem market with its expensive and exclusive chips, which it sells to other smartphone makers at a high price. Qualcomm has also been using its patents to prevent others from challenging its position and power.

Even Apple, the US state-supported company, can’t break Qualcomm’s patent wall and has to buy 5G modems from Qualcomm at a hefty cost. 

So go ahead and try to sanction them and see what happens next. We are curious too! Because we think this will be the fast track of American economy suicide. They are only hurting their own industry while giving China more motivation and incentive to innovate and excel.

The Republicans are living in a fantasy world where they think that they can bully and intimidate SMIC and other Chinese companies and that they will bow down and surrender to their demands.

“Pursue criminal charges against executives from SMIC and Huawei.”

First of all, pursuing criminal charges against executives from SMIC and Huawei is a blatant violation of international law and norms. It is an act of extraterritorial jurisdiction and interference in China’s internal affairs and a violation of the human rights and dignity of the citizens who work for these companies. The U.S. has no legal or moral basis to accuse or arrest these executives, who have done nothing wrong but contribute to technological development and innovation.

Trying to arrest the executives of SMIC and Huawei is a stupid and suicidal idea that will only backfire on the U.S. It is a joke that no one will laugh at, except for the Republicans who wrote this letter.

They should be prepared for the consequences that will follow if they dare to implement it.

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