FDD 8T8R antennas based on Huawei Hertz platform have reached a new milestone with their first-ever commercial adoption in Portugal. The Hertz platform uses innovative technologies such as ultra-precision arrays (UPA) to support precise beamforming, as well as signal direct injection feeding (SDIF). It is the first of its kind in the industry to natively support FDD 8T8R antennas and can greatly improve antenna energy efficiency and help operators build an excellent 5G network that are also quite energy-efficient.

Results show that Hertz platform-based FDD 8T8R antennas deliver 4.9 dB higher downlink coverage than FDD 4T4R. In addition, the uplink and downlink throughput are improved by 80% and 30% and the uplink and downlink cell-edge rates 40% and 60%. This shows that the spectral efficiency of FDD mid-band spectrum and user experience can be greatly improved.

Since the commercial rollout of 5G, Portugal has witnessed a fast growth in 5G user base, which in turn requires continuous 5G coverage and better user experience. FDD mid-band 8T8R, ensuring both coverage and user experience, is the next-generation key technology for 5G mid-band evolution. It has been used in more than 80 countries around the world for 5G basic network construction. Hertz platform antennas support FDD 8T8R and multi-band integration of more than 12 ports, and this makes it easier for operators to provide continuous cross-generation experience while ensuring fast deployment.

Eric Zhao, President of Huawei Antenna Business Unit, emphasized, “Huawei antennas are committed to providing ultimate 5G solutions for operators to simplify deployment and maximize energy and spectral efficiencies. Hertz platform antennas, as the industry’s first antennas to support FDD 8T8R, will assuredly boost 5G network development.”

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