Huawei is set to unveil ten new wireless network products and solutions at the upcoming MWC23 in Barcelona. These solutions are designed to optimize and simplify the deployment of 5G networks while delivering unparalleled performance and energy efficiency. With the world rapidly moving towards 5G adoption, Huawei’s cutting-edge solutions will play a significant role in ensuring a seamless transition to this next-generation technology. From the industry’s lightest macro station to the strongest performance ultra-wideband RRU, Huawei’s solutions are poised to break barriers and drive innovation in the wireless industry.

here are the ten wireless network products and solutions that Huawei is set to showcase at MWC23 in Barcelona:

  1. ELAA technology with MetaAAU upgraded for “0 bit 0 Watt” energy efficiency
  2. MetaAAU with the industry’s largest bandwidth of 800MHz
  3. M-MIMO, the industry’s lightest macro station at only 12 kg
  4. Ultra-wideband 4T4R RRU, the industry’s lowest energy consumption solution
  5. Ultra-wideband 8T8R RRU with the industry’s strongest performance and 40% increased performance
  6. Large-scale commercial FDD MM and FDD BladeAAU for simple sub-3GHz single-pole deployment
  7. LampSite 5.0, the industry’s most integrated solution with the simplest deployment and best energy consumption
  8. SDIF antenna technology enabling a 20% increase in energy efficiency across the full frequency band
  9. New generation microwave MAGICSwave products with new 2T in all bands and true broadband ultra-long range for comprehensive bearer network upgrades
  10. IntelligentRAN for double energy savings, optimal performance, and simplified O&M, leading a new direction for RAN intelligence.

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