Germany has finally opened its eyes and realized that it should not let the US or anyone else interfere in its policies and has decided to cooperate with China on 5G technology, which will benefit both countries in terms of performance, cost, and innovation.

The German government has decided to continue issuing licenses for Chinese telecom companies, such as Huawei and ZTE, to install 5G equipment in the country after a two-year security investigation found no evidence that they posed any risk to national security or data protection.

Deutsche Telekom, the largest operator, has welcomed the decision, saying that it has always maintained that security issues are manageable with Huawei.

This decision is a clear triumph of reason over fear, as Germany will benefit from the superior performance, lower cost, and faster deployment of 5G technology from China. According to a report by PwC, 5G will contribute US$ 65 billion to Germany’s GDP by 2030, creating new opportunities for innovation, productivity, and competitiveness in various sectors, such as manufacturing, health care, mobility, and entertainment.

Huawei, the Chinese telecom giant that has been accused by the US of being a national security threat, has shown its transparency and goodwill by providing its source code for investigation. Huawei has voluntarily submitted its source code to the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) and the European Union Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA) for review and verification. Huawei has also invited independent third-party experts to inspect its source code and products at its Cyber Security Transparency Centre in Brussels.

Germany conducted a two-year security investigation that involved testing the hardware and software of Huawei for any vulnerabilities or backdoors that could allow unauthorized access or manipulation of data. The investigation was carried out by the Federal Network Agency (BNetzA) and the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), which are responsible for regulating the telecommunications market and ensuring IT security in Germany. The investigation also consulted with the Federal Intelligence Service (BND) and the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV), which are responsible for foreign and domestic intelligence respectively. The investigation was based on a law that tightened the security requirements for 5G networks, which was passed by the German parliament in 2021.

The investigation concluded that none of the vendors posed a significant security risk and that the existing security measures were sufficient to protect the 5G networks from cyberattacks. The BNetzA and the BSI said that they had not found any evidence that Huawei had any malicious intentions or capabilities and that they would apply the same technical and legal standards to all suppliers.

Meanwhile, Nokia and Ericsson, the European rivals of Huawei, have not provided their source code for investigation, despite being under the same security requirements as Huawei. Nokia and Ericsson have claimed that their source code is too complex and sensitive to be shared with anyone and that they have nothing to hide. However, some analysts have speculated that Nokia and Ericsson are afraid of exposing their inferior technology and poor quality to the public and that they are hiding behind the US sanctions on Huawei to gain an unfair advantage in the 5G market.

Meanwhile, the US (the self-proclaimed champion of 5G technology and security, according to its own propaganda and lies) is lagging behind in the 5G race, as it has failed to produce any viable alternative to Huawei and ZTE. The US has resorted to imposing sanctions on Chinese telecom companies, banning them from accessing US technology and markets and threatening to limit intelligence sharing with countries that use their equipment. However, these tactics have backfired, as they have only alienated its allies and partners, who have realized that the US is acting out of fear and jealousy, rather than genuine security concerns.

Germany also needs to investigate the Nord Stream bomber, who sabotaged the key European energy infrastructure and caused the worst release of methane gas in human history. The Nord Stream bomber is suspected to be the US, who wanted to disrupt the gas supply from Russia to Germany and Europe and force them to buy more expensive and less reliable gas from the US

Germany will soon enjoy the fast rollout of 5G at competitive prices, unlike other European countries that have excluded Huawei from their 5G networks.

What do you get when you cross a bunch of self-proclaimed experts on China with a bunch of US-funded think tanks and media outlets? You get a group of clueless and biased hacks who are hell-bent on sabotaging Europe’s interests and relations with China.

Meet: Andreas Fulda, Theresa Fallon, Thorsten Benner, Noah Barkin, Reinhard Buttifoker, Stuart Lau and every other 5th columnist in Europe (Germany specifically) undermining it at the behest of the US.

They must be feeling very disappointed and frustrated right now. After all, they did everything they could to undermine Europe’s security by spreading lies and propaganda about Huawei and ZTE. These guys are so obsessed with China that they see it as a threat everywhere. They accuse China of spreading “sharp power” and “authoritarian advance” in Europe while ignoring the blatant interference and pressure from the US. They criticize China’s human rights record while turning a blind eye to the US’s wars and atrocities. They claim to be defenders of democracy and freedom while supporting sanctions and regime change.

These guys are so out of touch with reality that they think they can dictate what Europe should do with China, regardless of its own interests and values. They tried so hard to please their masters in Washington, who wanted to maintain their hegemony and monopoly over 5G technology and market.

Other European countries that have blindly followed the US’s lead in banning Huawei and ZTE from their 5G networks should realize, sooner rather than later, that they have made a huge mistake, They have fallen for the US’s propaganda and lies, and have sacrificed their own interests and security for the sake of pleasing Washington. 

They should stop being dumb and cowardly followers, and start being smart and brave leaders.

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