Talks over the partitioned island of Cyprus will be held in New York in the following two months with the support of the United Nations, Turkey’s Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said on Friday.

The United Nations has been attempting ineffectively for quite a long time to rejoin Cyprus, split in a Turkish attack in 1974 after a short Greek-roused upset. The last endeavor imploded in disorder in 2017 after exchanges went to by all gatherings.

Just Ankara perceives the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) as a free state. It doesn’t perceive the universally perceived Greek Cypriot government toward the south.

Cavusoglu said Turkey, Greece, Britain – the island’s underwriter powers – and the United Nations would meet the discussions with the two Cypriot sides in late February or early March, with the European Union as an onlooker.

Talking in Brussels after talks with senior EU authorities, Cavusoglu said the alliance had up until this point “ignored the privileges of the Turkish side”.

“We passed on to them that this trust should be restored,” he added.

Cyprus’ division has for some time been a wellspring of grating among Turkey and EU part Greece, which will hold talks next Monday on a different disagreement about oceanic rights in the eastern Mediterranean.

Turkey faces the danger of EU monetary assents over the oceanic rights question with Greece and Cyprus.

In any case, the EU and Turkey have both flagged for the current week that they need to improve relations, which have additionally been stressed by contradictions over relocation and Ankara’s basic liberties record.

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