The third edition of the European Leadership Academy’s School for Female Leadership In The Digital Age has successfully concluded today in Prague, Czech Republic. This was already the third edition of ELA bringing together future female leaders for this week-long programme of masterclasses, team projects, active learning and group activities, themed dinners and cultural experiences. Before the Summer School of 2022 in Prague, the Winter School of 2022 was held in Nice, France in February and the Summer School of 2021 was held in Lisbon, Portugal in August.

Following an atmospheric opening ceremony on 17 July, the closing ceremony in the baroque Troja Palace also featured a wide array of speeches and awards to the participants of the 2022 ELA Summer School. 

Christa Schweng, President of the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC), in her speech underlined the need for continued efforts of promoting corrective policies of inclusion: “We need a change in culture to make real change in society and economy – that applies to female leadership as well as to the green and digital transitions”.

Jeff Wang, President of the Public Affairs and Communication Department, Huawei, pointed out to the numerous educational initiatives that Huawei is undertaking under its Seeds for the Future Programme: “Beyond the ELA Summer School in Prague, the Seeds for the Future Programme also promotes female leadership in the digital age globally. Huawei is proud that in selected Seeds for the Future programmes, the proportion of female participants is particularly high; as was recently the case in Myanmar and in Qatar”.

Irena Moozova, Director for Equality und Union Citizenship at the European Commission, in her video message stressed the importance for continued policy actions to promote both gender equality and digital skills. “The gender gap is still substantial; and the number of Europeans equipped with the digital skills needed to make the most out of the opportunities offered by the digital age is still insufficient”. Herself a Prague native, she served as the Honorary President of this edition of the School for Female Leadership in the Digital Age, encouraging the young participants to “recognize the importance of dialogue and engagement in fostering strong relationships and understanding other people’s points of view.” In the letter shared with the students at the beginning of the programme, she had stated that “together we are stronger, and it is only through cooperation that we can advance equality, security and prosperity in the European Union and abroad.”

Ma Qi, President, Central Europe, Huawei, in his remarks reiterated Huawei’s commitment to Europe: “Huawei is very conscious that we need to make technology work for humans, for society and for the public good. This is our commitment for the future. More than ever, Huawei is committed to Europe. Having set up operations in Europe back in the year 2000, we are proud that we are contributing to Europe’s technological transformation”.

Berta Herrero, Head of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, Huawei EU and Director of the School, bid farewell to this cohort reminding them that “technology will always be there to help them” and encouraging them to “build bridges at every level: for their own selves to reach ever greater heights in their careers no matter how big the challenges they will encounter; for people from disadvantaged backgrounds and those in need, to make sure that no one is left behind in the digital transition; and, most importantly, to build bridges with people from other countries and continents as well, to foster international cooperation, because prosperity comes from working together.”

Among 2,500 applicants from all over Europe, over the summer a professional jury had selected 29 participants for this week-long programme of masterclasses, team projects, active learning and group activities, themed dinners and cultural experiences. From 17 July to 22 July, the chosen students convened in Prague, Czech Republic at the 2022 edition of the ELA Summer School for Female Leadership in the Digital Age. 


About the European Leadership Academy’s School for Female Leadership in the Digital Age:

It is the aim of Huawei and the “School for Leadership in the Digital Age” to recognize the immense potential that female talent has – and to proactively support it. As part of Huawei’s broader initiative Seeds for the Future, the Winter School for Female Leadership in the Digital Age represents the company’s continued commitment to furthering digital inclusion; specifically, closing the gender gap, and creating a world where women are empowered to not just participate, but to thrive and lead us into the digital future.

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