Huawei can play a key role in ensuring the Green Deal is an environmental success for Europe and the world, writes Angeliki Dedopoulou.

Air, soil, and water contamination does not stop at borders. Around the globe, biodiversity is impacted by human activities generating pollution. This pollution consequently contributes to climate change. The combined effect of these environmental crises disrupts the ecosystems that support life on earth. Solutions exist, but they require deep and transformative changes in the way we produce, consume and trade.

The EU has a vision for supporting and stimulating this transformative change: the Green Deal. This policy and action plan aims to green all sectors of society through flagship initiatives to build a non-polluting, low-emission, low-consumption, and circular society. Huawei fully supports the Green Deal and transformative change to save our planet.

To secure a cleaner environment, the EU, as part of the Green Deal, is adopting a Zero Pollution Action Plan for Water, Air and Soil to better prevent, monitor and report pollution.

In parallel, the United Nations has setup a governance framework for tackling pollution with its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which aim to mitigate diverse forms of pollution: waste, greenhouse gas emissions as well as plastic and chemical pollution. The EU is naturally positioned to lead the world by example in the field of pollution mitigation, inspiring and helping other nations in their efforts to reduce pollution.

At this year’s EU Green Week, organisations and industries will demonstrate how enabling technologies could help us reach the targets of the European Green Deal while highlighting the need for global cooperation against pollution and the importance of technology in achieving the EU’s zero-pollution ambition.

Our planet’s environment is a deeply interconnected, well-functioning ecosystem. However, this is under threat if pollution is not mitigated. Tackling pollution and building a more sustainable planet can only be achieved through worldwide collaboration. Just recently, Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission said: “It is not possible to shape the world of tomorrow without a strong EU-China partnership.”

“At Huawei, we believe digital technologies should play a key role in the EU’s drive to deliver the Green Deal”

We have every reason to believe that ICT innovation and green development can become a bridge connecting the two sides of the Eurasian continent, promoting collaboration and cooperation for shared success. On the path of green development, Huawei will always stand side by side with Europe and contribute to building a zero-carbon future.

Digital technologies such as those developed and supplied by Huawei are a key enabler of the ambitions set out in the Green Deal as they lead to greater efficiency when applying sustainable solutions and maximise the impact of environmental policies. At Huawei, we believe digital technologies should play a key role in the EU’s drive to deliver the Green Deal. Digital technology can lead to greater efficiency when applying sustainable solutions and can maximise the impact of environmental policies.

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