During the “Startup Olé 2021” event in Salamanca, Huawei has announced that it is joining REInA, the Rural European Innovation Area. REInA has been created in April 2021 by the European Commission and is a pan-European platform calling for the establishment of accelerators and incubators to forge rural innovation networks across Europe.

“Our joint REInA manifesto calls for ensuring the presence of high speed broadband to empower innovation stakeholders in rural areas. I wish that in the near future, many European villages can become hubs for creative innovation”, said Tony Jin, incoming Huawei Chief Representative to the EU Institutions.

Huawei is committed to deploy its technologies and expertise to help reduce the rural gap in Europe. Each year, Huawei invests at least 10%of its revenues into research and development.

This makes Huawei rank third among 2500 companies in the 2020 EU Industrial R&D investment scoreboard.  

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