Huawei kicked off Eco-Connect Europe 2021 today online and on-site in 5 countries. Huawei Rotating Chairman Guo Ping opened the event with a keynote speech titled “Starting a New Journey of Going Green and Digital with Europe”.

Many heavyweight guests were invited to speak at the event, including Member of European Parliament Lars Berg, PwC Strategy& (Germany) GmbH Partner Marcus Gloger, President of the Global Solar Council (GSC) José Donoso, and Huawei’s Senior Vice President of Global Government Affairs Afke Schaart.

In his keynote, Mr. Guo Ping spoke about how Huawei will work with Europe to transition into a green and digital future. He explained Huawei’s three value propositions, “Enabling Europe’s digital transformation, leading the use of digital technologies to enable green transformation, and fulfilling our corporate social responsibility in the digital era”.

Mr. Guo Ping stated, “Huawei is helping Europe go digital by building robust ICT infrastructure and maintain global leadership in terms of ICT infrastructure. During the pandemic, Huawei has helped Europe make things like remote work and learning possible. Huawei is also working with industries to go digital through multiple joint innovation centers, including OpenLabs in Munich and Paris.”

Mr. Marcus Gloger also stressed the importance of digital infrastructure. He said, “Digital infrastructure is the foundation for transformation and has a long-lasting impact on value realization, both for enterprises and society as a whole.”

“Huawei is also using digital technologies to help build a green Europe,” Mr. Guo Ping said, “By using bits to manage watts, Huawei offers low-carbon power solutions to our industry customers to help them achieve carbon neutrality goals. These include Smart PV, site power, data center power, traffic electrification, and integrated smart power solutions.”

Mr. José Donoso echoed Guo’s comment, “Our associate members, such as Huawei, focus on technology innovations, and the technology products have been used all around the world.”

In addition, Mr. Guo Ping said, “We are using digital technologies to actively contribute to the well-being of the European community.” Afke Schaart further added that Huawei is using its TECH4ALL initiative to act as a responsible corporate citizen, “The pandemic accelerated the use of digital technologies, making it even more important that no one is left behind. Our focus areas for TECH4ALL are: education, environmental protection, health care, and balanced development.”

Going green and digital requires collaboration. Mr. Lars Berg said, “I am sure we are all agreed that co-operation and collaboration are essential to progress and success.”

At the end of his speech, Mr. Guo Ping reiterated Huawei’s commitment in Europe, “Someone once asked me if Huawei will leave Europe. I want to assure you that this will not happen. Instead, we will extend our roots even deeper in Europe, and contribute more value to its green and digital efforts.”

Huawei will host Eco-Connect Europe 2021 online and offline from October 28 to October 29. The theme of this year’s event is Digital and Green, Transition to Value. We will dive deep into the technological applications that can help our customers and partners navigate the coming changes, share experience, and work together to create new value. We will also announce an exciting range of new solutions, and share our experience and best practices with customers and partners. In addition, we will hold DigitAll Night, where we will exchange ideas on digital and green with students.

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