Greece’s unfamiliar pastor said he trusted Turkey would have a positive methodology towards a gathering one week from now pointed toward restoring since quite a while ago slowed down endeavors to open dealings over questioned regional cases.

The adjoining nations held 60 rounds of talks somewhere in the range of 2002 and 2016, however designs a year ago for conversations to be continued foundered over a study vessel sent by Ankara into questioned waters and differences over the points to be covered.

“The solitary slam dunk is the positive methodology of Athens. I trust the Turkish side will go to these discussions in a similar soul,” Nikos Dendias told the Efimerida Ton Syntakton paper in a meeting.

He said the exploratory talks, which were stopped in March 2016, were not exchanges but rather intended to find whether there was sufficient combination for conceivable future dealings on only one explicit issue.

“I need all things considered, that (subject) is the division of the selective monetary zone and mainland rack in the Aegean and the eastern Mediterranean based on worldwide law,” Dendias was cited as saying.

On the off chance that exchanges did start after the exploratory talks however the different sides were as yet incapable to arrive at an arrangement, they would need to concede to a book to allude the issue to the International Court in The Hague, he added.

While Athens just needs to address the division of sea zones in the Aegean and the eastern Mediterranean, Ankara says all issues ought to be handled, including air space and the status of some Greek islands in the Aegean.

“In the exploratory talks there will be no conversation on neutralizing islands. No conversation on an issue that has to do with public sway,” Dendias told the paper.

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