Huawei won the GTI 2021 Innovative Breakthrough in Mobile Technology Award for its 5G Super Uplink solution, recognizing Huawei’s innovations in 5G technology and drive to advance the 5G industry.

The 5G Super Uplink solution unleashes the full potential of high and low frequency bands through TDD and FDD collaboration, and by enabling innovative time- and frequency-domain aggregation, it offers an enhanced uplink experience. This solution eliminates the uplink speed bottleneck to deliver higher upload rates and improved image quality for popular services such as streaming and gaming. This capability is becoming essential for the success of 5G in vertical industries, enabling high-bandwidth applications in ToB industries, such as smart mining, smart healthcare, remote control in smart factories, and machine vision.

Based on 3GPP specifications, the solution builds a healthy E2E ecosystem for 5G terminals, chipsets, network devices, and vertical industries to scale up 5G deployment and economic benefits. Numerous commercial terminals, such as Huawei Mate 40, Honor V30, and Nova V7 mobile devices already support Super Uplink, and the MKT chipset has completed the IoDT test for Super Uplink in 2020. To date, multiple operators have deployed the Super Uplink solution on their networks, realizing a 20% to 500% increase in the uplink speed while also improving cell-edge uplink coverage and indoor uplink experience. This solution is widely used commercially by operators and vertical industry partners in scenarios such as factories and ports.

GTI plays an important role in building a global 5G industry ecosystem — with C-band as the core — to advance 5G E2E maturity and promote cross-industry convergence and innovation. Huawei is a staunch and trustworthy supporter of GTI in fulfilling this role. 2021 will be a critical year in achieving sustainable development of the 5G industry. As such, Huawei will continue to work with GTI and other global partners to build a robust and sustainable 5G ecosystem, deliver ultimate performance and experience to users, and grow space for industry digitization.

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