Germany on Friday dismissed a case by Argentina that a solicitation via carrier Lufthansa to fly over Argentina on the way to the Falkland Islands suggested an acknowledgment of them as Argentine region.

Argentina and Britain have since quite a while ago contested responsibility for Falklands, with Argentina guaranteeing sway over the British-run islands it calls the Malvinas. The question prompted a short battle in 1982.

Lufthansa said it asked for two flights supporting a polar examination endeavor in light of the fact that the ordinary course through Cape Town has been suspended because of the Covid pandemic.

A German unfamiliar service representative said the government’s situation on the Falkland Islands had not changed.

“The exercises of privately owned businesses can’t be ascribed to the Federal Republic of Germany and have no worldwide results,” he said.

The Argentine government said Lufthansa requested authorization for two flights that are because of convey researchers and calculated care staff from Hamburg to Mount Pleasant in the Falklands, where they will proceed locally available the boat “Polarstern” to Antarctica to lead environmental change research.

Argentina said the German government additionally requested its authorization for the Polarstern research boat to moor in Port Stanley, the capital of the British region.

The two, 15-hour flights are booked for Feb. 1 and March 30.

Argentina’s Foreign Ministry said in a proclamation that Lufthansa had asked its common flying position and territorial specialists to fly over Argentina and utilize the Argentine Patagonian town of Ushuaia as an elective air terminal should it be not able to land in the Falklands.

The Foreign Ministry said the German Embassy additionally requested approval from the Argentine Naval Prefecture for the Polarstern boat to enter “Puerto Argentino,” the Argentine name for the Falklands capital Port Stanley.

“The pertinence of Lufthansa’s solicitation introduced to the Argentine specialists is featured as it suggests the acknowledgment of the Malvinas Islands as a component of Argentine domain,” the Foreign Ministry said.

In the previous year, Argentina has reestablished its drive to recover the Falklands, selecting a Malvinas serve, saying it will redraw guides to underscore its case for use in schools and campaigning at the United Nations.

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