‘El Mundo’ the second largest printed daily newspaper in Spain confirmed a collaboration with The Signals Network platform. Western media alliance which also attempts to exposes the poor practices of technology firms and the exploitation of data collection. The Unidad Editorial publication seems to have an unusual decaffeinated the release that has barely triggered any dire consequences.

The Signals Network have published a number of findings on the global investigative journalism website where it claims that workers of the Chinese multinational Huawei overseas workers in a semi-slavery dictatorship: they should not only live in solitude and aren’t even permitted to associate with Western women, with whom marriage is strongly discouraged – It is evidenced by the supposed testimony of former employees of the technology firm – but it is far from the evidence where it has uncovered other potentials between several mainstream presses.

Weddings with Western people are exempted?

But that was not the situation, as shown by the case of Pablo Wang, who has been Huawei’s number 2 region executive in Spain for about the last 7 years – Pablo Wang, a Spanish woman, was married, with his two kids are Spanish.

His association with “Western culture” has been quite intense all through the fifteen years he has lived and worked in their country that he’s also a dedicated fan of Atlético de Madrid, as he admitted when he left the office late November: ” Everything that Spain has given me is immense, I feel very proud of this country, ” he stated in an individual interview with the local news media.

Within four years, Wang boosted revenues and profits

The telecom company is setting up a five-year rotation for all of its foreign executives, just like most other multinational firms. However, as seen by the actuality that his recently departed number 2 in Spain has served for a company in the province throughout the last 15 years, he performs it in a versatile manner.

Last November, Pablo Wang quit the role of country manager in Spain before becoming Europe’s vice president of sales. Furthermore, besides being indicted for marrying a Spanish woman and establishing direct contact with the native people, the organization has honoured its leadership with advancement to one of Europe’s highest-level positions of authority.

Quite strangely, Huawei’s revenues in Spain grew within about 4 years throughout his reign at the head of the table of the corporation, from €531 million in 2014 to €1,321 million in 2018. Upon resigning, Fred Wang, who had directed the company’s operations in Romania and Austria for the past few years, was succeeded as country manager.

The truth of the matter that a significant proportion of Huawei’s workers reside overseas beside their workplaces is primarily for practical purposes. Among other reasons, since the Chinese driving permit is not validated in Spain, almost all of these employees prefer to settle in the neighbourhood of the corporate headquarters. Cultural differences, and not the company laws, would not encourage the resident correspondence in certain instances.

Pilot scheme at the port of Barcelona

In Spain, OKDIARIO has approached recently departed Huawei executives who are totally unaware of the stringent labour regulations alluded to by the alliance of The Signals Network. Even if they do not rule out that during the past they might have emerged.

Huawei – The telecom firm handles in 170 countries and has 194,000 workers worldwide (about a thousand in Spain). The organization has invested $4,000 million in the 5G technology research over the last 10 years and is currently involved in three of the 10 major projects introduced by Red.es to be launched in Spain.

For sectors such as the transportation, healthcare, artificial intelligence, manufacturing, and oil, these ventures will be crucial. The descriptive research design of one of Huawei’s ventures, the 5G Maritime, commenced last July in the Port of Barcelona, with the goal of facilitating the real-time and a highly precise positioning of ships (from 400-meter tourist cruises to small boats).

The cybersecurity risk

This global positioning device incorporates artificial intelligence technologies through a commercial 5G network with ultra-fast communication systems. The venture established by Huawei will improve safety and maximize the docking environments in the port of Barcelona for the 9,000 vessels operating in its port annually. The project is part of Catalonia’s 5G Tactical approach and also involves the involvement of IBM, Vodafone, Mobile World Capital Barcelona, the i2CAT Foundation, and the Generalitat Department of Digital Policies.

The Cybersecurity is yet another problem for the firm. Huawei coordinates with the National Police’s C1b3rwall Cybersecurity Academy. In this place, the apparel giant’s solution offers Spanish graduates training programmes on the cybersecurity in the 5G, WiFi6, Smart cities, Storage and Transition X.

The Signals Network platform even retains that Huawei workers overseas should reside beside the corporate headquarters but also required to move out of the country if they acquire the European citizen status. Actually, it isn’t really real. This really is the El Consorcio de Periodistas type of a situation. A research network created by multiple international media collaboration that exposed exclusives such as ‘The Panama Papers’ creating a major impact in various European nations.

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