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The 2021 Huawei HMS App Innovation Contest (Apps UP 2021), which is themed “HMS Innovate for All”, officially kicked off on June 10th. By highlighting pioneering HMS open capabilities, it inspires developers across the globe to develop innovative apps for a seamless, smart, and innovative digital experience.

Huawei has set aside US$1 million from the Shining Star Program as prize money for the contest. In addition to winning US$1 million, winners are also eligible for a treasure trove of enticing incentives, such as AppGallery promotions, Huawei cloud resources, and exclusive incentives for paid HMS Core capabilities.

Five competition regions, US$1 million prize money, and one judging panel

The contest will be held in China, Europe, Latin America, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East & Africa. It will comprise four phases, which are registration & submission, preliminary, public review, and regional finals. Developers are encouraged to develop innovative apps that integrate HMS open capabilities, and submit their entries to the contest’s official website.

Three new awards are introduced to this contest, including the Best HMS Core Innovation Award, All-Scenario Coverage Award, and Tech Women’s Award. The first two awards aim to spur global developers to fully utilize HMS open capabilities for innovative apps. The Tech Women’s Award, together with Huawei Women Developers, provides greater support to women developers in app innovation and startup. On March 8th, Huawei officially launched its Huawei Women Developers program. Alongside this program, the new Tech Women’s Award hopes to support and encourage more exceptional women in the tech world to stand out. Catherine Chen, corporate senior vice president of Huawei, said: “We hope that women working in technology domains can come under the spotlight and showcase their abilities. We also hope that their achievements will inspire more women to realise their dreams.”

HMS Core 6.0 and “HMS + Huawei Cloud” boost HMS ecosystem development

By the end of May, 2021, the number of registered Huawei developers has exceeded 4 million, and the number of apps integrating HMS Core has reached 134,000, both of which have doubled on last year’s figures. HMS ecosystem has become the world’s third largest mobile app ecosystem.

Increasingly more developers are committing themselves to HMS ecosystem, because Huawei provides them with an array of complete technical solutions and open capabilities, represented by HMS Core.

HMS Core provides more than 60 capabilities and five root service engines, including map, search, payment, browsing, and ads, for developers to obtain more users, realize higher app activity, and create thriving business. Developers can select and call kit APIs to easily integrate HMS Core capabilities, slashing development workload and improving operation efficiency. The development and integration process is simple, with SDK integration being achieved in just as little as 1-3 days, allowing developers to focus more on efficiency and innovation.

Chen added: “The HMS ecosystem goes beyond Huawei’s own products and services, and we are opening more than just API interfaces. We hope to become a center of excellence that connects consumers, developers, and third-party service providers, bringing a more diverse range of premium experiences to consumers. Today, our AppGallery is available in more than 170 countries and regions. Through this extensive network, we want every innovative app and service to be able to reach out and benefit device users in every corner of the world.”

Huawei also announced officially at the opening ceremony that HMS Core 6.0 is just around the corner, which will services to further fuel the upgrade of Huawei’s app ecosystem. Moreover, in-depth synergy between HMS and Huawei Cloud will bring more backend technologies and tools to global developers through full-stack cloud native technologies, complete cloud development tool chain, industry-leading security capabilities, and industry-aggregating solution capabilities.

Work with global developers to focus on innovation, openness, and mutual benefits

The openness of HMS Core allows developers to innovate and build a new global smart ecosystem that covers all devices and scenarios. Huawei Developers delivers convenient development experience of “one-point access and global-wide service”. The launch of Huawei Developer Groups, Huawei Student Developers, Huawei Women Developers, and Huawei Developer Experts helps developers demonstrate their technologies.

The first Apps UP held in 2020 attracted more than 3,000 teams from over 170 countries and regions and witnessed the launch of thousands of innovative HMS apps across all aspects of people’s lives, covering such fields as sports and health, education, agricultural development, environmental protection, transportation, public safety, etc., where a new smart experience is right at the corner. A prime example of this is AIPPER, which integrates Huawei HiAI and Push Kit and uses AI image recognition and big data technologies to implement full-cycle scientific management of crop cultivation based on farmers’ requirements.

The Apps UP 2021 is in full swing now. You are welcome to register for the contest and submit your works via the official website by 6PM on August 20, 2021 – Beijing time –  to compete for the chance of winning US$1 million prize money.

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