Brussels, 12 May 2021

Next-generation networks will be key to power Europe’s green transition and to enhance working conditions after the Covid-19 pandemic, HUAWEI’s Chief Representative to the EU Institutions, Abraham Liu, said at the APDC Digital Business Congress today, held in Lisbon and broadcasted online.

There’s a human side to 5G – in fact a very human one: with 5G-enabled solutions, the safety conditions in areas such as the mining industry or in ports can substantially improve, allowing workers to use automatized procedures instead of having to keep uncomfortable postures during long hours, or having to expose themselves to high-risk situations,” explained Abraham Liu during the panel “5G-Powered Digital Economy,” where he spoke alongside representatives from fellow HUAWEI vendors Ericsson and Nokia.

Abraham Liu also outlined “The 4 Savings of 5G,” highlighting that “wireless 5G solutions save energycosts and space (by bringing down cabling needs in the manufacturing sector, for instance), and most importantly, time (thanks to high-speed networks).”

Having been a trusted partner in Europe for 20 years, HUAWEI believes that a swift and efficient 5G-rollout that includes the best technologies available will bring a myriad of opportunities for European citizens, businesses and entrepreneurs, powering the green transition in the process.

A timely 5G deployment will contribute to the EU’s Green Deal objectives: not only it is expected that 5G will reduce CO2 emissions by 85% (per unit of data transmitted) compared to current 2G-4G networks; 5G will also make many other areas of socioeconomic life greener, such as agriculture (enabling more efficient water management, for instance) or manufacturing, reducing the ecological footprint of the factories of the future,” said Abraham Liu.

However, he specified that “this can only be achieved with collaboration, cooperation, and global standards.” “With the ambition of forward-thinking governments, and with a diversified approach to 5G rollout respectful of the EU principle of non-discrimination, we will join efforts to make sure that all European citizens benefit from next-generation technologies as soon as possible, so that no one is left behind in the digital era,” Abraham Liu added.

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